Bouma Orthotic Clinics Inc.

Bouma Orthotic Clinics

Upper Extremity

Custom Made

We fabricate a variety of custom made upper extremity devices based on patient need. These include WHOs (Wrist Hand Orthoses), Elbow Orthoses and Hand Orthoses. Each of these are fabricated on-site from a cast of the patient and they are for long-term use.

Indications for a WHO include:

  • Neurological conditions such as a stroke or MS
  • Wrist and hand injury
  • Severe arthritis



Articulated WHO


Elbow Orthosis

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Hand Orthosis

Custom Fit and Prefabricated

We supply and customize several styles of upper extremity braces. These include resting hand splints, wrist lacers, tennis elbow straps and thumb spicas. These devices are typically for people who require bracing short-term following an injury or long-term but without significant deformity such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.

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