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Foot Orthotics


Custom Made

There are two main types of foot orthotics that we offer. Hand-crafted foot orthotics are made from a plaster cast of the patient’s foot. An impression of the foot is taken using Bio-Foam, which is then used to create a plaster mold of the foot. This mold is used to create a foot orthotic that specifically addresses the unique needs of each patient. This style of foot orthotic is often used to treat people with Diabetes who are at risk of developing an ulcer or to provide offloading to help an ulcer heal. 

The other type, and our most common, are created using the Amfit system. A 3-dimensional digital cast of the patient’s foot is taken using the Amfit Digitizer. The orthotics are milled out on-site and finished by our technicians right in our lab. Modifications to the foot model are done on the computer, allowing for a great amount of flexibility in creating a solution specific to each patient’s needs.

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